KLM no nav light during dayflight

Bart Smith 8 months ago
Hi, I noticed multiple times at Schiphol that KLM 777's and 787's  don't always turn on the NAV light. Last week I was on a flight to Panama (which is a day flight) and I did not see the Nav light on any time during the flight. Does anybody know if this is some kind of "light saving policy" which KLM has?
Pascal Flohil
Chief Operations Officer
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8 months ago
Hi Bart, 

Navigation lights are only truly required between sunset and sunrise, though most airports and airlines have a preference to keep them on at all times to increase visibility. Turning them off whilst day-time may be a legacy holdover from when aircraft had actual light bulbs, which could quite easily burn-out over extended use. I will see if I can find some more information on this and if any other airlines have a similar preference for keeping lights off when not explicitly required. 


Bart Smith 8 months ago
Just returned from Panama, and the NAV light was switched off as soon as the sun came above the horizon, so I assume it's procedure @KLM
Tiago Cardoso 5 months ago
each company has its policy, I know that Iberia and so, lights only access at night, Turkish all lights, up to FL100, above is only NAV, on the descent below FL100 All lights

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