Circular Routes

Hi everyone!

I am new to SkyTeam Virtual and I would like to ask something about the flight booking system. Can I take a plane and do a circular route back to its point of origin? I mean, ínstead of flying A to B, then B to A, do something like A to B to C to A. This is to take advantage of an extensive domestic route network such as Air France’s HOP and to make the flying not so “HUB” centric.

Thank you very much in advance and Blue Skies! :)

13 days ago
Hi Francisco, 

If in the route exists in the database that you want to use, it is definitely possible (as long as the same aircraft type can be used)!
For example: KE9509-9509-510-510 flying ICN (A) – SVO (B) – AMS (C) – ARN (D) – ICN (A) is possible with the same aircraft type as long as it is supported by the route database. 

Is this what you mean?

Hi Florian,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I was referring to that precisely, using the routes in the system to circumnavigate the network instead of going back and forth.

It gives a lot of flexibility this way.



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