Good day all you good people,

I am new to this VA, but I need a bit of help please. 

I have recently stumbled upon a completly pointless function on this VA, it's labeled "charter flight". 

Would anyone be so kind as to elaborate on the term "valid reason" for a chartered flight. 

In my opinion a realistic "valid reason" for a charter flight would be the request thereof. Chartered operators are not gorverned or restricted by scheduled operators or their fleets, and you should be able to charter a kite or a weather balloon to Timbaktu if the client pays for it. 

In my opion you should rather label this: "repositioning flight" / "ferry flight" because it is so restricted that it cannot be called a charted flight. 

I look forward to hearing from an admin or any fellow aviator just as frustrated by getting their "charter flights" rejected for "no valid reason".

Kind Regards 
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1 month ago

As stated in the pilot handbook (found under the ‘company’ tab), and upon booking a charter flight, your flight must be realistic. This means that the flight you booked should have been (or is scheduled to be) performed by the airline and aircraft booked within the current flying season. Furthermore your comment must at least include the real-world flight number or another verifiable source for staff members to reference your charter flight.

The charter flight system is not meant to be used to fly any aircraft between any destination pair. The VA aims to realistically mirror the SkyTeam alliance and its partners, and not to fly any aircraft of any airline anywhere in the world. For more information including examples of valid reasons please refer to the pilot handbook. If you have specific questions regarding your flight please create a support ticket.


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