Point deduction for starting engines on stand

8 months ago
Hi all, 

Normally upon pushback, engines are meant to be idle (<5% N2), although sometimes there might be some issues with the APU. 

I had this a couple of days ago, which required me to use an Airstarter to start one engine for power and bleed, so I could start my 2nd engine after pushback was completed. 
I got a point deduction of about 100 points for this, since I “failed” this point. Now is my question, is there a possibility to reinstate those points via a remark, or if this happens that you can tick a box before submitting the flight?
In this case the computer knows '’Ah, the APU was broken, so that's why he started his engines already”, and that there are suddenly only 2015 points avaliable to get instead of 2115 which automatically drops your score to 95%.

Thanks a lot, 

Florian Mooijaart
Koen Vlaswinkel
Chief Executive Officer
8 months ago

Unfortunately it is not possible to detect or mark this scenario at this time. Failures are not modeled in our flight scoring and is not something we are planning on adding.

8 months ago
Hi Koen, 

Unfortunate, but well noted. 


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