PMDG 737 'Navigation light' is used point reduction ?

4 months ago

Can someone explain why do I always get 20 points reduction ?
Navigation light is used    -   0/20 

The lights always turned on…

Thank you.
Kim de Groote
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4 months ago
Hi Ittai,

Yes I had that in the past, something with Acars not picking it up correctly. If I remember correctly theres a topic about it on the net, either with adding some code to the file or reinstalling. Google it.

Cheers Kim
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4 months ago

In some cases the PMDG aircraft do not communicate all light data to FSUIPC (and therefore VAS-ACARS), this can be resolved via the options.ini file of the PMDG 737NGX(u) addon. For more details please refer to our support page which provides detailed instructions on how to enable full communication. Should the issue persist please create a support ticket so that we can investigate the issue further.
4 months ago
I've checked the INI file and I have 

and still navigation light are failed to recognzie… resulting all my PIREPS are at 98% and not 100%…. ;-(

Any other idea ?
Ilya Khokhlov
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4 months ago
What the Plane?

PMDG, Aerosoft, QW, FSlabs or..?

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