2019 Roadmap

Koen Vlaswinkel
Chief Executive Officer
5 months ago
Hello pilots,

Below you can find the SkyTeam Virtual roadmap for 2019.
  • Booking dependencies will be removed from tour progression, shifting progression dependency to the actual route flown.
  • Adding to our gates selection, both by updating existing selections to match their real-world counterparts, as well as adding new gate selections for other major hub airports.
  • New heritage fleet system, ideally completely separate from the regular routes and fleet. 
  • Adding to and improving our scoring system, this would be in tandem with improving the specifications of the parameters of each flight phase.
  • Load factor calculations will be done specific to the VA, and not picked percentage. 
  • A launch of a sister VA of one of the other major airline alliances. Note that this will be a completely separate VA, pilot rank, hours and destinations do not carry over and will not be transferable. This is to keep both VA's completely separate to keep the amount of work manageable for all staff members.
  • New version of VAS-ACARS, or update of the existing program to introduce features such as multiple chat channels.
  • Further optimizing routing given on the route briefing page, possibly providing support for out-dated navigational data.
  • Redoing the flight processor, to more accurately detect flight phases, as well as to improve overall realism.
  • Improving the documents and policies, and distributing these in the form of a pilot handbook

If you have any further suggestions please leave them below this post.
David Lebduska
October 2018 Tour
737 Captain
747 Captain
757 Captain
777 Captain
787 Captain
A320 Captain
A330 Captain
737 Tour
747 Tour
5 months ago
Wow :) Points 3 and 6 sound fantastic :)

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