Air France 1318 AFR1318 / AF1318

Warning! This route has been archived. It cannot be flown anymore and is merely in our system to provide historical data for past flights flown using this route.

Recent Flights

Aircraft Pilot Time Duration
F-GRXB A319 Frederick Arisandi 2 months ago 1:07
F-GUGQ A318 Leo Havermans 3 months ago 1:03
F-GUGP A318 Dan Iversen 3 months ago 0:57 Flight Analysis
F-GUGF A318 Ruud van der Linden 5 months ago 0:50 Flight Analysis
F-GPMF A319 Yezad Anklesaria 6 months ago 1:04 Flight Analysis
F-GUGL A318 Dan Iversen 6 months ago 0:48 Flight Analysis
F-GUGM A318 Maël FABER 8 months ago 0:50
F-GPME A319 Tommi Häyry 8 months ago 0:44
F-GUGA A318 David Lebduska 9 months ago 0:50 Flight Analysis