KLM 1846 KLM1846 / KL1846

Warning! This route has been archived. It cannot be flown anymore and is merely in our system to provide historical data for past flights flown using this route.

1:55 flight time

Recent Flights

Aircraft Pilot Time Duration
PH-BCH B738 Aleksandr Khomenko 4 months ago 1:33
PH-BXH B738 Rizky Bramantyo 5 months ago 1:31
PH-BCD B738 Tibor Kolena 5 months ago 1:28 Flight Analysis
PH-BCK B738 Frederick Arisandi 7 months ago 1:51
PH-BXW B738 Sander Coumans 7 months ago 1:27 Flight Analysis
PH-BXI B738 Krishna Ananda Ekaputera 8 months ago 1:31
PH-BXI B738 Jose Serro 8 months ago 1:31 Flight Analysis
PH-BCE B738 Tibor Kolena 8 months ago 1:22 Flight Analysis
PH-BXU B738 Tibor Kolena 9 months ago 1:35 Flight Analysis
PH-BGH B737 Ruud van der Linden 9 months ago 1:33 Flight Analysis
PH-BXS B739 Oscar Martinez 9 months ago 1:34
PH-BXU B738 Lee Bowersox 10 months ago 1:26
PH-BXY B738 Paolo Lozzi 1 year ago 1:27
PH-BGU B737 Ruud van der Linden 1 year ago 1:33 Flight Analysis
PH-BGM B737 Christoph Wechselberger 1 year ago 1:31 Flight Analysis
PH-BXD B738 Pantelis 1 year ago 1:34
PH-BXN B738 Tibor Kolena 1 year ago 1:28 Flight Analysis
PH-BGA B738 Tibor Kolena 2 years ago 1:41 Flight Analysis
PH-BXB B738 Tibor Kolena 2 years ago 1:32 Flight Analysis
PH-BXY B738 Koen Vlaswinkel 2 years ago 1:39 Flight Analysis