KLM 1234 KLM1234 / KL1234

Warning! This route has been archived. It cannot be flown anymore and is merely in our system to provide historical data for past flights flown using this route.

Recent Flights

Aircraft Pilot Time Duration
PH-BXW B738 Filippo Crotti 1 month ago 0:47 Flight Analysis
PH-BXU B738 Damien Danja 3 months ago 0:44 Flight Analysis
PH-BXU B738 Raphael Rambaud 7 months ago 0:50
PH-BXD B738 Kim de Groote 8 months ago 0:47 Flight Analysis
PH-BXH B738 alexandre poli 10 months ago 0:47 Flight Analysis
PH-BXW B738 Ákos Forró 1 year ago 0:47 Flight Analysis
PH-BXD B738 Stephen Ellis 1 year ago 0:44 Flight Analysis
PH-BCD B738 Sebastiaan Nouris 1 year ago 0:50
PH-HSE B738 Okke Sloots 1 year ago 0:53 Flight Analysis
PH-BGK B737 Richard Boon 1 year ago 0:50 Flight Analysis
PH-BXH B738 Muhammad Farid 1 year ago 0:48
PH-BXH B738 David Lebduska 1 year ago 0:41 Flight Analysis
PH-BCD B738 Chris 1 year ago 0:46
PH-BCA B738 Naina RAZ 1 year ago 0:56 Flight Analysis
PH-BCB B738 Pedro Flores 1 year ago 0:46
PH-BCD B738 Koen Vlaswinkel 2 years ago 0:45 Flight Analysis
PH-BXW B738 Leo Havermans 2 years ago 0:49
PH-BXT B739 Leo Havermans 3 years ago 0:49