KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 597 KLM597 / KL597

Warning! This route has been archived. It cannot be flown anymore and is merely in our system to provide historical data for past flights flown using this route.

11:25 flight time

Recent Flights

Aircraft Pilot Time Duration
PH-BQF B772 Ro-Jean Wijers 1 year ago 10:58 Flight Analysis
PH-BQG B772 Morris de Vogel 1 year ago 10:43
PH-BVN B77W Frahal Azad 1 year ago 11:09 Flight Analysis
PH-BQI B772 Kim de Groote 1 year ago 11:04 Flight Analysis
PH-BQA B772 Ruud van der Linden 1 year ago 11:04 Flight Analysis
PH-BQM B772 Cedric Monfleur 2 years ago 11:18
PH-BVS B77W Jelle 2 years ago 10:50 Flight Analysis
PH-BQE B772 Cedric Monfleur 2 years ago 11:03
PH-BVS B77W Naina RAZ 2 years ago 10:58 Flight Analysis
PH-BVA B77W Ian Warui 2 years ago 11:16 Flight Analysis
PH-BVU B77W Robin Cornelissen 2 years ago 11:01 Flight Analysis
PH-BVG B77W Jansen Scheepers 2 years ago 10:34 Flight Analysis
PH-BVI B77W (deleted) 2 years ago 11:37
PH-BVC B77W (deleted) 3 years ago 11:52
PH-BVA B77W Pascal Flohil 3 years ago 11:05
PH-BQP B772 Leo Havermans 3 years ago 11:16
PH-BQO B772 Leo Havermans 5 years ago 11:33
PH-BQP B772 Nolan Panka 6 years ago 11:28
PH-BQB B772 SYAHRUL ADI JAZAMUDDIN 6 years ago 12:02 Flight Analysis