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An Extensive Route Network

With over 45,000 real-world routes fly where you want, when you want. There is always a route that fits your timetable.

Custom Flight Recording

Using our custom developed VAS-ACARS software your flight will be recorded, processed and scored.

Community Interaction

Use our forum, instant messaging and Discord to interact with fellow community members. Grow, learn and achieve with our integrated pilot career.

March 2018 Update 11 Mar 2018

As of last month some optimizations and changes have been made based upon feedback from the community....

February 2018 Update 8 Feb 2018

Since the first of January, we have made quite a few changes to our systems and more are upcoming in...

January 2018 Update 1 Jan 2018

First of all happy new year and we wish you all the best in 2018! In the last month the final SkyTeam...

December 2017 Update 5 Dec 2017

This month we welcome four new SkyTeam subsidiary airlines, HOP!, Joon, Aurora and Citilink. The fleets...

November 2017 Update 18 Nov 2017

We have released a new update for VAS-ACARS, which includes a complete range of stability fixes, as well...

Pilots 92
Aircraft in Fleet 4,846
Routes 49,395
Total Flights 1,242
Pilot Joined Flight Time
Pascal Flohil 1 year ago 2227:46 hours
Alan Platt 2 months ago 634:55 hours
Koen Vlaswinkel 1 year ago 419:06 hours
Dan Iversen 1 month ago 226:21 hours
Francesco Mura 8 months ago 181:20 hours
Matthias Paul 8 months ago 163:54 hours
Ro-Jean Wijers 4 months ago 120:34 hours
Daniel Bräutigam 3 months ago 84:37 hours
Sebastian Laube 8 months ago 84:13 hours
Joshua Sherman 3 months ago 70:57 hours