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An Extensive Route Network

With over 30,000 real-world routes fly where you want, when you want. There is always a route that fits your timetable.

Custom Flight Recording

Using our custom developed VAS-ACARS software your flight will be recorded, processed and scored.

Community Interaction

Use our forum, instant messaging and Discord to interact with fellow community members. Grow, learn and achieve with our integrated pilot career.

Company News
June 2021 VA Update 5 Jun 2021

Hello Pilots, After the LATAM airlines group left the ONEworld airline alliance following Delta Airlines's...

January 2021 News Post 1 Jan 2021

Hello Pilots, First of all happy new year and we wish you all the best in 2021! This year will prove...

VAS ACARS NXT and Microsoft Flight Simulator 17 Aug 2020

Hi pilots, Tomorrow (or today depending on your timezone), Microsoft Flight Simulator will release....

Migrating to VAS ACARS NXT [Action Required] 25 Jul 2020

Hi pilots, At the start of this year, we announced [https://skyteamvirtual.org/company/news/2020-01-01-completing-the-major-three-alliances-and-vas-acars-nxt] a...

VA Update 16 Mar 2020

Hi pilots, As you may know, a lot of airlines have scaled back operations due to the COVID-19 outbreak....

Pilots 1,550
Aircraft in Fleet 5,688
Routes 41,830
Total Flights 63,969
Most Active Pilots
Pilot Joined Flight Time
Pascal Flohil 4 years ago 10606:12 hours
Ruud van der Linden 2 years ago 4940:09 hours
Sander Coumans 2 years ago 4167:34 hours
Richard Wynn 1 year ago 2957:35 hours
Kim de Groote 2 years ago 2918:24 hours
Naina RAZ 3 years ago 2764:02 hours
Ilya Khokhlov 1 year ago 2740:16 hours
Robin Cornelissen 2 years ago 2609:16 hours
Dan Iversen 3 years ago 2481:06 hours
Leo Havermans 2 years ago 2431:47 hours