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An Extensive Route Network

With over 30,000 real-world routes fly where you want, when you want. There is always a route that fits your timetable.

Custom Flight Recording

Using our custom developed VAS-ACARS software your flight will be recorded, processed and scored.

Community Interaction

Use our forum, instant messaging and Discord to interact with fellow community members. Grow, learn and achieve with our integrated pilot career.

December 2018 Update Dec 7, 2018

Hi pilots, As you might have noticed, numerous changes have been made to the website in the past few...

November 2018 Update Nov 7, 2018

We are happy to say that our growth has been stable throughout the last few months, and we have passed...

October 2018 Update Oct 4, 2018

This month will see numerous changes throughout the VA. We are happy to welcome seven new staff members,...

September 2018 Update Sep 10, 2018

Hello pilots, This past month has seen a few minor front end improvements and some major back-end ones. First...

August 2018 Update Aug 7, 2018

Hello Pilots, In the last month we have made small improvements to our website, but nothing major. First...

Pilots 322
Aircraft in Fleet 5,693
Routes 29,944
Total Flights 8,718
Pilot Joined Flight Time
Pascal Flohil 1 year ago 4349:42 hours
Alan Platt 11 months ago 3537:50 hours
Antonio Vazquez 9 months ago 1275:06 hours
Naina RAZAF 9 months ago 1002:41 hours
Dan Iversen 10 months ago 889:28 hours
David Lebduska 10 months ago 758:49 hours
Koen Vlaswinkel 1 year ago 751:34 hours
Ro-Jean Wijers 1 year ago 695:13 hours
Yezad Anklesaria 6 months ago 520:57 hours
Frederick Arisandi 4 months ago 434:56 hours