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Aeroflot-Rossiya Airlines Tour

Fly with the Aeroflot group throughout Russia and the world. Thank you to pilot Ilya Khokhlov for the suggestion!


Vietnam Airlines Tour

Fly with Vietnam Airlines from and to the beautiful Vietnam

CAL B738

October 2020 Tour

This tour is available from 1 Oct 2020 00:00 to 31 Oct 2020 23:59.

Active Tours


SkyTeam Hub Tour

This tour will pass through the most notable SkyTeam hubs.


Michael Palin's Around the World in 80 Days

Follow Michael Palin's journey around the world loosely following the original story. Thank you to pilot Donald Chadwick for the suggestion.

Around the World Tour 2020

Around the World Tour

Fly a circle around the world in this long haul tour. Updated for 2020

DAL B752

USA Tour

Cross the United States of America, updated for 2020.


Cargo Ops Tour

Travel the globe performing various cargo-hauling flights, updated for 2020.

AMX B738 1417

South and Central America Tour

Visit exciting destinations throughout South and Central America, updated for 2020.

HVN A321

Asia Tour

Travel throughout Asia to experience the sprawling cities and serene scenery, updated for 2020.


South East Asia Tour

Travel throughout vibrant South-East Asia in this tour, updated for 2020.

KQA B738

Africa Tour

Fly across the vast continent of Africa and experience the diversity of the varying regions, updated for 2020.

TRA B738

Europe Tour

Fly throughout Europe in this tour, updated for 2020.

AEA B738

Mediterranean Tour

Fly around the warmer, sunnier parts of Europe.

VOZ B738

Oceania Tour

Visit the 'land down under' and other destinations throughout Oceania in this tour, updated for 2020.


Canada Tour

Fly west to east across the vast and varied landscape of Canada, turboprop experience recommended. Updated for 2020.

CSN B787

Transpacific Tour


Transatlantic Tour

Hop across the pond on some iconic routes, updated 2020.


Challenging Approaches

Test yourself by flying to some of the more challenging approaches at airport around the world.

VIR B789

Mega Cities tour

Fly around the world to visit some of the largest population centers and airports. Thank you to pilot Richard Wynn for the suggestion


The Seven Natural Wonders of the World

Visit the seven Natural Wonders of the world during this tour. See the sights from above as you circumnavigate the globe. Thank you to pilot Jack Messer for the suggestion.

DAL B738

Let's Take a Vacation

Tired of flying to dreak and bleary locations? Then this is the tour for you! In this tour we take you to some of the most popular tourist destinations with input from some of our pilots! Enjoy a Vacation, you deserve it! Thank you to pilot Jack Messer for the suggestion.

Pablo Bandera

Indonesian LCC Tour

Visit interesting destinations in Indonesia using low-cost airlines.

B752 DAL

East to West to East

Fly across the lower 48 states of the United States, from the east coast to the west coast and back. Thank you to Robin Cornelissen for the suggestion

Airline Tours

Aeromexico at MMMX for the Aeromexico tour

AeroMexico Tour

Fly with AeroMexico through central and north America

AZA A332

Alitalia Tour

Fly with Alitalia and discover their fleet and routes.

AFR A321 KLM B789

Air France-KLM Tour

Get to know the fleet and destinations of Airfrance and KLM.

CAL-KAL tour

China Airlines - Korean Air Tour

Fly with these two varied airlines through East Asia


Martinair Cargo Tour

Fly with Martinair Cargo around the globe

Tarom Czech airlines tour

Tarom - Czech Airlines Tour

Fly with Tarom and Czech Airlines through Europe

Transavia (LPMA) summer tour 2020

Transavia Summer 2020 Tour

Fly with Transavia to the most famous holiday destinations in Europe

Westjet Delta tour

Westjet - Delta Tour

Fly throughout the extensive Americas with Delta Airlines and Westjet.


Garuda Indonesia Tour

Fly with Garuda Indonesia in Southeast Asia and Australia

Etihad Saudia Tour

Etihad - Saudia Tour

Fly to and from the Middle East with these 2 major airlines.

VIR A333

Virgin Atlantic Tour

Fly long-haul with Virgin Atlantic, traversing the globe.

Aircraft Tours

DAL B712

717 Tour

Fly the smallest member of the Boeing family, updated for 2020.

WJA B737

737 Tour

Fly the best selling Boeing family to some of the busiest airports, updated for 2020

B757 DAL

757 Tour

Our renewed 757 tour


777 Tour

The long-haul workhorse of many airlines, fly the 777 around the globe. Updated for 2020.

KQA B788

787 Tour

A game-changer for long haul routes, fly the distance in 787 family of aircraft. Updated for 2020

CES A320

A320 Tour

The best selling airliner in the world, take it for a spin throughout the fastest-growing aviation market. Updated for 2020.

AFL A333

A330 Tour

Use the A330 family to visit global destinations, updated for 2020.

AFR A359

A350 Tour

Fly the A350 throughout the world, updated for 2020.

A380 Tour 2020

A380 Tour

Fly the Super Jumbo around the world on these long haul flights, updated for 2020

This tour is available from 1 Oct 1990 00:00 to 31 Dec 2020 23:59.

DAL E175

Regional Jet Tour

Short-haul regional flying at its best, updated for 2020.

Privat Jet Tour. Screenshot taken by Pablo Bandera

Private Jet Tour

Fly through the USA with these luxurious private jets. Special thanks to Pablo Bandera for the idea and helping hand to create this tour.

Upcoming Tours

KLM B738

November 2020 Tour

This tour is available from 1 Nov 2020 00:00 to 30 Nov 2020 23:59.

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