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AMX B788

Formula 1 Tour 2023

Follow the Formula 1 season throughout this tour.

This tour is available from 1 Mar 2023 00:00 to 30 Dec 2023 23:59.

AFR A319

European Qualifiers 2024

Visit as many participating nations as possible before the Euro 2024 finals start in June 2024.

This tour is available from 15 Mar 2023 00:00 to 1 Jun 2024 23:59.

Tours for New Pilots

Congratulations, you have joined one of the best Virtual Airlines! We created these tours covering the 5 most popular flights on each continent, ideal if you want to earn you first badge. Happy flying!

KQA B738

Discover Africa

Fly to our most popular destinations in Africa.


Discover Asia

Fly to our 5 most popular destinations in Asia.

AFR A319

Discover Europe

Fly to our 5 most popular countries in Europe.


Discover North America

Fly to our 5 most popular cities in the USA and Canada.

ARG B738

Discover South America

Fly to our 5 most popular cities in South and Latin America.

VOZ B738

Discover Oceania

Fly to our 5 most popular cities in Oceania.

Themed Tours

Skyteam Hub Tour

This tour will passes through the most notable SkyTeam hubs. Updated for 2022.


Challenging Approaches

Test yourself by flying to some of the more challenging approaches at airport around the world.


Transatlantic Tour

Hop across the pond on some iconic routes, updated 2020.


Cargo Ops Tour

Travel the globe performing various cargo-hauling flights, updated for 2022.

WJA B738

Islands Tour

Fly around the world whilst staying on islands of all sizes as stop-over points.

AFR A319

Rugby World Cup 2023

Travel throughout host country France and visit the Rugby World Cup Stadium's.

This tour is available from 1 Feb 2023 00:00 to 31 Oct 2023 22:59.

ASL A319

Extraordinary Approaches

Fly some of the most beautiful approaches around the world.


Ultra Longhaul Tour

Fly to every corner of the earth on these ultra long haul flights. Thanks to Thomas Ecker for the idea.

CES A319

High Altitude Airport Tour

Fly to the world's highest located airports. And use all your skills to land here. Thanks to pilot Kim de Groote for this proposal.


Middle East Tour

ROT B737

October 2023 Tour

This tour is available from 1 Oct 2023 00:00 to 31 Oct 2023 23:59.

Around the world tour 2021

Around the World Tour

Fly a circle around the world in this long haul tour. Thank you to pilot Thomas Ecker for the suggestion


Around the Pacific

Journey around the South Pacific on long and short flights alike.

Location Tours

Explore destinations around the world with our Location Tours.


Africa Tour

Fly across the vast continent of Africa and experience the diversity of the varying regions, updated for 2020.


Asia Tour

Travel throughout Asia to experience the sprawling cities and serene scenery, updated for 2022.

TVF B738

Europe Tour

Fly throughout Europe in this tour.

AEA B738

Mediterranean Tour

Fly around the warmer, sunnier parts of Europe.

RXA B738

Oceania Tour

Visit the 'land down under' and other destinations throughout Oceania in this tour, updated for 2023.

Aerolineas 737

South and Central America Tour 2023

Visit exciting destinations throughout South and Central America, updated for 2023.


Canada Tour

Fly west to east across the vast and varied landscape of Canada, turboprop experience recommended. Updated for 2020.


China Tour

Fly through the land of the Red Dragon and admire the diversity in landscapes. Thankyou to pilot Thomas Ecker for the suggestion

Delta / A339

USA Tour 2023

Cross the United States of America, updated for 2023.

Aircraft Tours

Get to know different aircraft with these tours.

DAL B717

717 Tour

Fly the smallest member of the Boeing family, updated for 2022.

TRA B738

737 Tour

Fly the best selling Boeing family to some of the busiest airports, updated for 2022.

KAL B748

747 Tour

Fly the iconic airliner on busy cargo routes and select passenger services. Updated for 2022.

DAL B752

757 Tour

Fly the 757 throughout the United States. Updated for 2022.


777 Tour

The long-haul workhorse of many airlines, fly the 777 around the globe. Updated for 2022.


787 Tour

A game-changer for long haul routes, fly the distance in 787 family of aircraft. Updated for 2022.

CES A320

A320 Tour

The best selling airliner in the world, take it for a spin.

DAL A339

A330 Tour

Fly the A330 family to visit global destinations, updated for 2022.

DAL A359

A350 Tour

The latest generation of widebody aircraft. Explore the world using the A350 XWB. Updated for 2022.

A332 AEA

Airbus World Tour

Fly around the world solely using Airbus aircraft. Thank you to pilot Conrad Edwards for the suggestion.

afr b789

Boeing World Tour

Fly around the world solely using Boeing aircraft.

CRJ Tour screenshot

CRJ Tour

Fly the popular regional jet throughout North America. Thank you to pilot Pablo Bandera for the suggestion.

DAL E175

Regional Jet Tour

Short-haul regional flying at its best, updated for 2020.

ATR Tour

ATR Tour

Get some turboprop skills with this amazing prop aircraft!

Airline Tours
ARG B738

Aerolíneas Argentinas Tour

Fly throughout South America, and to long-haul destinations with Aerolíneas Argentinas.

Aeromexico at MMMX for the Aeromexico tour

AeroMexico Tour

Fly with AeroMexico through central and north America

DAH B736

Air Algérie Tour

Fly with Air Algérie throughout Africa and the Middle East


Air Calédonie Tour


Air Corsica Tour


Air France Tour

Get to know the fleet and destinations of one of the founding members of the SkyTeam Alliance.

AFR A320

Air France-KLM Group Summer Tour

Fly to the unique summer destinations with the Airfrance-KLM group

This tour is available from 28 Apr 2023 23:59 to 31 Oct 2023 23:59.


Air Serbia Tour


China Airlines Tour

Fly both cargo and passenger operations with China Airlines into and out of Taiwan Taoyuan Airport.

CES b789

China Eastern Tour

Fly throughout China and to farther destinations with China Eastern out of Shanghai.


Citilink Tour

Fly throughout Indonesia with Citilink.

DAL B764

Delta Airlines Tour

The largest airline of the SkyTeam Alliance, explore Delta's network and fleet in this tour.


Etihad Tour

Travel from Abu Dhabi to the world with Etihad.

GIA A339

Garuda Indonesia Tour

GLO B738

GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes Tour

Fly throughout South America on one of the largest airlines in the region.

KQA B738

Kenya Airways Tour

Fly with Kenya Airways and explore Africa and beyond.

KLM B772

KLM Tour

Fly long and short-haul routes from the major hub of Amsterdam Schiphol.

KAL B748

Korean Air Tour

Explore the Pacific Rim and beyond with Korean Air.

LATAM Airlines / B77W

LATAM Airlines Tour

Fly LATAM Airlines fleet and go through different regions, such as America, Europe and Oceania departing from its three major hubs in South America.


Martinair Tour

Fly cargo to and from Amsterdam with Martinair


Middle East Airlines Tour

Travel from Beirut throughout MEA's network and discover the fleet and destinations.

TVS B737

Smartwings Tour

Fly with Smartwings around Europe from it Prague hub. Thank you to pilot TimmyeSVK for the suggestion.

SVA B789

Saudia Tour

Fly with one of the largest carriers in the Middle East.

ROT B737


Travel throughout Europe from TAROM's Bucharest hub.

TRA B738

Transavia Tour

Fly with Transavia from it's Belgian and Dutch bases.

TVF B738

Transavia France Tour

Fly to diverse destinations with one of France's fastest growing airlines.


Vietnam Airlines Tour

Fly with Vietnam Airlines from and to the beautiful Vietnam

VIR A339

Virgin Atlantic Tour

Fly long-haul with Virgin Atlantic, traversing the globe.

WJA B737

WestJet Tour

Fly with the second largest Canadian Airline throughout the America's and on select long-haul routes.

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