December 2017 Update

This month we welcome four new SkyTeam subsidiary airlines, HOP!, Joon, Aurora and Citilink. The fleets of all the other airlines have been updated to reflect their current real-world state. The route network has been updated continously however if you find any discrepancies, please report them to the staff.

On the 18th of November we released version 1.4.0 of VAS-ACARS which hopefully brings more stability to our flight recorder. It also has an updated chat UI which clearly shows other online users, so you always know when a staff member is online. The recording and reporting frequency of VAS-ACARS are now also remotely configurable, would we need to make changes to support future changes.

We improved the website in numerous ways by splitting up more functionality, improving future maintainibility. This means we have also updated our live flights system, which will improve the speed of the live flights and in particular it will improve the loading speed of the homepage. This new functionality has been live for over two weeks now and no major problems have been found. We will now also show the flight analysis button on the flights page if you have access to view them, such as when it is one of your own reports. Previously you would have had to visit your logbook to get access to your flight analysis. To prepare for the future, we have also started working on some livestreaming tools, such as a flight information overlay. If you like to get access to these tools, please contact one of the staff members.

In the flight processor back-end we have also made some improvements. The flight simulator version will now also be stored with a flight analysis, such that it is now also visible on the website. We now have a better algorithm for filtering out invalid points, which previously led to some errors reported by the flight processor. Lastly, flight reports will now be denied when they don't meet the minimum flight score requirement of 70%, per our flight policy.

We are also looking for tour suggestions. If you have any route or region suggestions, please post them in the forum.


Skyteam Virtual Staff