February 2018 Update

Since the first of January, we have made quite a few changes to our systems and more are upcoming in the near future.

One of the most prominent changes is the Recent Activity box on the homepage, which displays when a pilot has completed their first flight, when someone has been awarded a badge and when a pilot has ranked up. We may add more events in the future.

It is now also possible for us to restart our back-end (ACARS) server without any visible downtime. You will only be disconnected from the chat, but VAS-ACARS will automatically reconnect.

We have also been working on a new flight briefing page, which will contain a complete flight plan. As preparation for that, we've added the cost index to all aircraft (at least those for which it is applicable). We are currently testing a pre-alpha in a select group of testers. The screenshot on the right is an old screenshot of the updated flight briefing page with a flight plan included.

We also recognized the website was lacking in providing some information, so we've added a lot more information to our website. For example, airport and route pages now display the route graphically in a map, flight analysis links are now visible on the homepage, there are more statistics available, tours now show the pilots who have completed the tour and there are now more icons available for us to show on the live flights page.

Of course, we've also been updating our airline fleets to represent their current state, and the routes have also been updated to match the current real-world schedules.


SkyTeam Virtual Staff

The updated Flight Briefing page