March 2018 Update

As of last month some optimizations and changes have been made based upon feedback from the community. You can check progress on the 2018 roadmap.

To start off with, the homepage has been made slightly transparent to better integrate the background image. Furthermore tours have been reordered to create a more logical lay-out. Tour legs have also been made expandable, with the first one being expanded by default. To expand or collapse legs you can click anywhere on the header. More tours have been added specific to certain narrowbody aircraft types.

VAS-ACARS and its respective back-end system has been updated to increase stability. The VAS-ACARS update now also includes a check to see if doors are closed, and this has been integrated in the scoring system. Images have been moved to a new hosting provider which will automatically resize images, this has improved website loading times. Over the coming days and weeks we will be adding more improvements to the website.

The new flight briefing page has seen continuing development, and all hubs have had their respective gate and apron information added. North Atlantic and Pacific tracks are updated to always provide the most accurate route. Winds aloft data is updated four times per day to aid in route finding, and to provide the most efficient route.

As always we have updated our airline fleets to represent their current real-world state though if you find any deviances please let us know. All of the preparations have been made to switch to the summer schedule from April 1st. To close off, if you have any feedback or problems, please let us know and we will do our best to help.


SkyTeam Virtual Staff