May 2018 Update

In the past month, we have worked to release a new flight briefing alpha and we have also expanded our tours.

Flight Briefing Alpha

Today we have released the alpha of our new and expanded flight briefing page, which includes route information. More features will be introduced in the coming weeks, such as gate and weather information. We will also be releasing the other flight plan downloads options during that time period. To the right, you will find a quick preview of our the new layout.

Flight Briefing Alpha

Try now: You can try this alpha now by going to this page or clicking on your name in the top-right hand corner, selecting My Settings and then navigating to Labs. You can then enable the Briefing Alpha.

Since our last preview in February, the route finder has been updated to also select SIDs and STARs, which hopefully helps you to plan your flight. Please do keep in mind that, as this is an early alpha, the routes will not be 100% accurate. I would therefore recommend to check the routes carefully. If you find any that are unrealistic or just wrong, please feel free to contact me and I will look into it.

New tours

We have also added more tours pertaining to specific aircraft types, which include older aircraft. To support this, we have added old aircraft to our fleet which you can now fly. If you have any suggestions for tours using older aircraft or older routes, feel free to contact either Pascal or me.


We have also started on improving the stability of VAS-ACARS. This includes recognizing some add-ons which did not work before.