November 2018 Update Published on Nov 7, 2018 by Koen Vlaswinkel

We are happy to say that our growth has been stable throughout the last few months, and we have passed 7000 flight reports processed.

This month we have added two large joint venture partners of SkyTeam, WestJet and Virgin Australia. These airlines provide service were the full-members do not, opening up new route and fleet possibilities for the VA. This includes previously underrepresented turboprops such as the DeHavilland Dash 8-400. Our staff members are working hard to update our entire route database to provide more accurate service to our pilots.


Virgin Australia

We are working with our partners to provide events for pilots which will grant a score bonus when participating as well.

Other changes that have been done are with regards to the delivery flight system. This system has been overhauled to provide an accurate delivery ferry route for all new aircraft. Flights can be booked on the new deliveries page. New tours have been added to complement our existing selection, but be aware from January 1st 2019 onwards the East Coast USA and West Coast USA tours will be retired and replaced by new tours. If you would like to receive the badge please be sure to complete the tour before then.

As always the monthly tour is available to fly, this time the tour will take place around the Indian Sub-Continent.