February 2019 Update Published on 1 Feb 2019 by Pascal Flohil

Hello Pilots,

Over the past month we have changed and added various things both on the back-end of the VA as well as the front end.

The old documents and policies have been remade and distributed in the form of a Pilot Handbook. This document provides information on flight procedures, rules and regulations, possible troubleshooting steps, and links to the flight scoring guide amongst other things.

Our Flight and Pilot Policy has been updated to both increase realism and to prevent abuse. Please read these carefully as they will be enforced starting February 2nd.

The second change is that we have updated the tour progression system, changing its dependency from the booking to the flown route. This will streamline route updating and should keep tours and tour progression more consistent.

To close off this update as always the monthly tour is now available to fly, this time taking you throughout Europe.

We would also like to remind you we have a Discord server. To join it, use discord.gg/EAKR7Qe.