June 2019 Update

Hello Pilots,

First of all, we have reached 15,000 flight reports this month, we are very happy to have reached this milestone with our pilots!

However, there are some changes happening in the VA due to real world operation changes. This month sees the departure of Jet Airways from the virtual airline as they have suspended all flight operations. If the situation changes we will of course re-evaluate this decision and possibly return the airline in a restructured form. Joon will be discontinued June 26th and all operations will once again be merged with Air France, as such the Joon branding will also disappear from the VA by that time as well. This will impact certain tours and we will be restructuring them so as not to impact any progress you have made.

Furthermore all airlines have been migrated to their respective summer schedule. If there are any routes that appear to be missing please let us know and we will add them as soon as possible. There have been some more changes to the back-end to add to our ability to provide support via the support ticket system if required.

As always if you have any suggestions please let us know.