Birmingham International Airport Hub


Type Large Airport
Country United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Elevation 327 ft

This airport is a hub for

Recent Flights

Flight Number Pilot Departure Arrival Time Duration
BEE855 Lenny COHEN EDI/EGPH BHX/EGBB 6 days ago 0:59
KLM1422 Khuman BHX/EGBB AMS/EHAM 9 days ago 0:55
KLM1421 Khuman AMS/EHAM BHX/EGBB 9 days ago 0:52
KLM1425 Thanny Davelaar AMS/EHAM BHX/EGBB 14 days ago 0:55 Flight Analysis
BEE9199 Daniel Rio Tinto BIQ/LFBZ BHX/EGBB 26 days ago 2:16
KLM1422 Daren Tyczynski BHX/EGBB AMS/EHAM 29 days ago 0:43
KLM1431 Jake Hevican AMS/EHAM BHX/EGBB 1 month ago 0:56
BEE840 Sander Coumans BHX/EGBB EDI/EGPH 1 month ago 0:55 Flight Analysis
BEE102 Lenny COHEN AMS/EHAM BHX/EGBB 1 month ago 1:23
BEE113 Lenny COHEN BHX/EGBB AMS/EHAM 1 month ago 1:06
BEE193 Sander Coumans IOM/EGNS BHX/EGBB 1 month ago 0:46 Flight Analysis
BEE3281 Lenny COHEN BHX/EGBB NTE/LFRS 1 month ago 1:21
KLM1422 Christian Duivenvoorden BHX/EGBB AMS/EHAM 1 month ago 0:55
KLM1431 Christian Duivenvoorden AMS/EHAM BHX/EGBB 1 month ago 0:55
CSA663 Lee Bowersox BHX/EGBB PRG/LKPR 1 month ago 1:43
BEE3204 Lee Bowersox LYS/LFLL BHX/EGBB 1 month ago 1:25
BEE102 Roel van Schie AMS/EHAM BHX/EGBB 2 months ago 1:01 Flight Analysis
BEE404 roberto BHX/EGBB BHD/EGAC 3 months ago 0:52
BEE9109 Daan Gerritsen BHX/EGBB MAN/EGCC 3 months ago 0:26 Flight Analysis
AFR1565 Kim de Groote BHX/EGBB CDG/LFPG 3 months ago 0:54 Flight Analysis
AFR1564 Kim de Groote CDG/LFPG BHX/EGBB 3 months ago 0:58 Flight Analysis
KLM1432 Jesper Giling BHX/EGBB AMS/EHAM 5 months ago 0:48
AFR1065 Tommi Häyry BHX/EGBB CDG/LFPG 5 months ago 0:55
AFR1064 Tommi Häyry CDG/LFPG BHX/EGBB 5 months ago 0:54
KLM1432 Roel van Schie BHX/EGBB AMS/EHAM 5 months ago 0:56 Flight Analysis

Returnable aircraft at this airport