Southampton Airport

Type Large Airport
Country United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Elevation 44 ft
Recent Flights
Flight Number Pilot Departure Arrival Time Duration
KLM919 Daan Hermans AMS/EHAM SOU/EGHI 4 months ago 0:55
KLM920 Marcel Verdult SOU/EGHI AMS/EHAM 6 months ago 0:49 Flight Analysis
KLM919 Marcel Verdult AMS/EHAM SOU/EGHI 6 months ago 0:52 Flight Analysis
KLM920 Kim de Groote SOU/EGHI AMS/EHAM 6 months ago 1:02 Flight Analysis
KLM919 Bester Joubert AMS/EHAM SOU/EGHI 7 months ago 0:47 Flight Analysis
KLM919 Pablo Bandera AMS/EHAM SOU/EGHI 8 months ago 1:00 Flight Analysis
KLM919 Robin Kirchhoff AMS/EHAM SOU/EGHI 10 months ago 0:44
BEE387 Melo Verde SOU/EGHI DUB/EIDW 3 years ago 1:19
BEE3884 Melo Verde BES/LFRB SOU/EGHI 3 years ago 1:01
BEE3883 Melo Verde SOU/EGHI BES/LFRB 3 years ago 1:11
BEE1715 Luke Celigoj SOU/EGHI ALC/LEAL 3 years ago 2:39
BEE881 Luke Celigoj GLA/EGPF SOU/EGHI 3 years ago 1:10
BEE245 Lathuiliere SOU/EGHI JER/EGJJ 3 years ago 0:37 Flight Analysis
BEE885 Cristopher W Cuebas GLA/EGPF SOU/EGHI 3 years ago 1:08
BEE1015 LEROY SOU/EGHI AMS/EHAM 3 years ago 0:56
BEE3861 N. Jérémy SOU/EGHI BIQ/LFBZ 3 years ago 1:39
BEE3817 Lathuiliere SOU/EGHI PGF/LFMP 3 years ago 1:55 Flight Analysis
BEE1016 Lathuiliere AMS/EHAM SOU/EGHI 3 years ago 1:14 Flight Analysis
BEE241 Mickey Champion SOU/EGHI JER/EGJJ 3 years ago 0:37
BEE246 Lathuiliere JER/EGJJ SOU/EGHI 3 years ago 0:43 Flight Analysis
BEE1017 Christian Duivenvoorden SOU/EGHI AMS/EHAM 3 years ago 1:11
BEE893 Christian Duivenvoorden GLA/EGPF SOU/EGHI 3 years ago 1:09
BEE3825 Sergio Larghi SOU/EGHI LRH/LFBH 3 years ago 1:20
BEE382 Sergio Larghi DUB/EIDW SOU/EGHI 3 years ago 1:06
BEE3031 Igor Fedorenko SOU/EGHI CDG/LFPG 3 years ago 1:00 Flight Analysis
Returnable aircraft at this airport
Tail Number Name Model Airline Hub