Edinburgh Airport


Type Large Airport
Country United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Elevation 135 ft

Recent Flights

Flight Number Pilot Departure Arrival Time Duration
TVF3621 Jean Marie Hernandez EDI/EGPH ORY/LFPO 2 days ago 1:32
TVF3620 Jean Marie Hernandez ORY/LFPO EDI/EGPH 3 days ago 1:42
KLM1276 Andy Clarke EDI/EGPH AMS/EHAM 4 days ago 1:21
KLM1282 Stefan Hoks EDI/EGPH AMS/EHAM 5 days ago 0:57
KLM1281 Stefan Hoks AMS/EHAM EDI/EGPH 5 days ago 0:59
BEE855 Lenny COHEN EDI/EGPH BHX/EGBB 28 days ago 0:59
BEE297 Lenny COHEN MAN/EGCC EDI/EGPH 29 days ago 0:47
KLM1278 Christian Duivenvoorden EDI/EGPH AMS/EHAM 1 month ago 1:07
KLM1277 Christian Duivenvoorden AMS/EHAM EDI/EGPH 1 month ago 1:07
BEE261 Sander Coumans EDI/EGPH EMA/EGNX 1 month ago 0:51 Flight Analysis
BEE840 Sander Coumans BHX/EGBB EDI/EGPH 1 month ago 0:55 Flight Analysis
BEE1333 Stephen Ellis EDI/EGPH LCY/EGLC 2 months ago 1:44 Flight Analysis
KLM1282 Aleksandr Khomenko EDI/EGPH AMS/EHAM 2 months ago 1:05
KLM1293 Aleksandr Khomenko AMS/EHAM EDI/EGPH 2 months ago 1:08
DAL209 Stephen Ellis EDI/EGPH JFK/KJFK 2 months ago 7:10 Flight Analysis
KLM1281 Stephen Ellis AMS/EHAM EDI/EGPH 2 months ago 1:06 Flight Analysis
BEE765 Stephen Ellis EDI/EGPH SOU/EGHI 3 months ago 1:24 Flight Analysis
KLM1278 Kim de Groote EDI/EGPH AMS/EHAM 3 months ago 1:02 Flight Analysis
KLM1281 Kim de Groote AMS/EHAM EDI/EGPH 3 months ago 1:10 Flight Analysis
BEE296 Daan Gerritsen EDI/EGPH MAN/EGCC 3 months ago 0:53 Flight Analysis
BEE293 Daan Gerritsen MAN/EGCC EDI/EGPH 3 months ago 0:50 Flight Analysis
BEE295 roberto MAN/EGCC EDI/EGPH 4 months ago 0:46
KLM1286 Daan Gerritsen EDI/EGPH AMS/EHAM 5 months ago 0:58 Flight Analysis
DAL209 Pascal Flohil EDI/EGPH JFK/KJFK 5 months ago 6:35
KLM1285 Daan Gerritsen AMS/EHAM EDI/EGPH 5 months ago 1:12 Flight Analysis
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Returnable aircraft at this airport

Tail Number Name Model Airline Hub