London Stansted Airport

Type Large Airport
Country United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Elevation 348 ft
Recent Flights
Flight Number Pilot Departure Arrival Time Duration
CCM3 Malcolm Davis STN/EGSS BIA/LFKB 1 month ago 2:05
CCM2 Malcolm Davis AJA/LFKJ STN/EGSS 2 months ago 2:07
CCM5 daniel godefroy STN/EGSS FSC/LFKF 2 months ago 2:11
CCM4 daniel godefroy BIA/LFKB STN/EGSS 2 months ago 2:02
ETD920 Ben Kennedy STN/EGSS AMS/EHAM 3 months ago 0:38
CCM1 Andrew Belson STN/EGSS AJA/LFKJ 4 months ago 1:52 Flight Analysis
CCM1 bertrand tillier STN/EGSS AJA/LFKJ 4 months ago 1:43
CCM4 Geoffrey Brunetti BIA/LFKB STN/EGSS 4 months ago 2:08 Flight Analysis
CCM1 Manoel Valente STN/EGSS AJA/LFKJ 4 months ago 1:48 Flight Analysis
ETD920 Arthur Marchesi STN/EGSS AMS/EHAM 4 months ago 0:42
CCM6 Gafard Gnane FSC/LFKF STN/EGSS 6 months ago 2:19
CCM3 Jean-Marc Lemercier STN/EGSS BIA/LFKB 6 months ago 1:40 Flight Analysis
CCM2 Jean-Marc Lemercier AJA/LFKJ STN/EGSS 6 months ago 1:56 Flight Analysis
CCM6 Manoel Valente FSC/LFKF STN/EGSS 6 months ago 2:06 Flight Analysis
CCM1 Jop den Boer STN/EGSS AJA/LFKJ 8 months ago 1:56 Flight Analysis
CCM1 Malcolm Davis STN/EGSS AJA/LFKJ 9 months ago 2:02
CCM2 Mehdi Nouala AJA/LFKJ STN/EGSS 10 months ago 1:52
CCM4 Malcolm Davis BIA/LFKB STN/EGSS 10 months ago 2:06
MPH6162 Son Nguyen MIA/KMIA STN/EGSS 11 months ago 6:53
CCM2 bertrand tillier AJA/LFKJ STN/EGSS 11 months ago 2:06
CCM2 Remigton Steel AJA/LFKJ STN/EGSS 1 year ago 1:51
MPH6162 Andreas Ochs MIA/KMIA STN/EGSS 1 year ago 7:49
ETD9868 Thanny Davelaar STN/EGSS BRU/EBBR 1 year ago 0:37 Flight Analysis
MPH6162 Tom van Aaken STN/EGSS AMS/EHAM 1 year ago 0:51
ETD9868 Robin Kirchhoff STN/EGSS BRU/EBBR 1 year ago 0:34
Returnable aircraft at this airport
Tail Number Name Model Airline Hub