China Airlines 919 CAL919 / CI919

Warning! This route has been archived. It cannot be flown anymore and is merely in our system to provide historical data for past flights flown using this route.

1:55 flight time

Recent Flights

Aircraft Pilot Time Duration
B-18053 B77W Gilles DURAND 8 months ago 1:19 Flight Analysis
B-18003 B77W FRANCISCO ANDRADE 8 months ago 1:20 Flight Analysis
B-18002 B77W Eduard 8 months ago 1:43
B-18005 B77W Mathieu D. 8 months ago 1:16
B-18001 B77W DUMOULIN Jean-Luc 8 months ago 1:16 Flight Analysis
B-18001 B77W remove74 9 months ago 1:21
B-18918 A359 Mathieu D. 10 months ago 1:19
B-18612 B738 Anton Krishna Saputra 11 months ago 1:22 Flight Analysis
B-18055 B77W Dominik Fabianowski 11 months ago 1:19
B-18005 B77W Jesus Ricardo Alvarez Torres 11 months ago 1:50
B-18906 A359 Olaf Blom 11 months ago 1:18 Flight Analysis
B-18051 B77W Sander. 1 year ago 1:26 Flight Analysis
B-18003 B77W Ram Makh 1 year ago 1:32
B-18051 B77W THINH NGUYEN TRUNG 1 year ago 1:27
B-18051 B77W daniel godefroy 1 year ago 1:31
B-18002 B77W (deleted) 1 year ago 1:10
B-18001 B77W C├ędrik 1 year ago 1:14
B-18005 B77W Alexandre S 1 year ago 1:17 Flight Analysis
B-18906 A359 Michal Vu 1 year ago 1:24
B-18051 B77W Shih-Wei, Chu 1 year ago 1:23 Flight Analysis