China Southern 310 CSN310 / CZ310

Warning! This route has been archived. It cannot be flown anymore and is merely in our system to provide historical data for past flights flown using this route.

3:30 flight time

Recent Flights

Aircraft Pilot Time Duration
B-1651 A320 基诺 6 months ago 3:02 Flight Analysis
B-1652 A320 Bair Vambuev 9 months ago 3:15 Flight Analysis
B-9917 A320 Svetoslav Kobelev 9 months ago 2:48 Flight Analysis
B-6977 A320 Manuel Santos 9 months ago 2:59
B-8991 A320 Ryan 10 months ago 2:54
B-6290 A320 THINH NGUYEN TRUNG 11 months ago 3:27
B-1651 A320 OXXO 11 months ago 3:07 Flight Analysis
B-8991 A320 Suta Wijaya 1 year ago 2:59
B-1651 A320 Alexandre S 1 year ago 2:57 Flight Analysis
B-1651 A320 Pascal Lesueur 1 year ago 3:05
B-9959 A320 Anton Krishna Saputra 1 year ago 3:00 Flight Analysis
B-1690 A320 Lê "Yoshino" Trung Kiên 1 year ago 3:14 Flight Analysis
B-1690 A320 Antoine Guigon 1 year ago 2:59 Flight Analysis
B-9929 A320 desvernay 1 year ago 2:47
B-1651 A320 Jean-Marc Lemercier 1 year ago 2:31 Flight Analysis
B-1690 A320 TimmyeSVK 1 year ago 2:47 Flight Analysis
B-1651 A320 Honza "PickNick" Barton 1 year ago 2:41 Flight Analysis
B-1651 A320 remove74 1 year ago 2:44
B-1653 A320 Hoai Tam 1 year ago 2:50
B-1829 A320 Will Marr 1 year ago 2:47 Flight Analysis