LATAM Airlines 841 LAN841 / LA841

Warning! This route has been archived. It cannot be flown anymore and is merely in our system to provide historical data for past flights flown using this route.

5:20 flight time

Recent Flights

Aircraft Pilot Time Duration
CC-BGI B789 daniel godefroy 4 months ago 4:42
CC-BGN B789 🛫Sander. 5 months ago 5:08 Flight Analysis
CC-BGU B789 Thomas Standfuss 5 months ago 4:49
CC-BGI B789 Stephen KILCAR 5 months ago 5:01
CC-BGL B789 Rodrigo Ferreira Mendonça 6 months ago 6:23
CC-BGR B789 🛩️Alex 6 months ago 5:59
CC-BGC B789 Michele Oscar Tona 6 months ago 4:52
CC-BGN B789 Roberto Torres Perez 7 months ago 5:31
CC-BGL B789 jean-marc Soulié 7 months ago 5:20
CC-BGK B789 Ignacio Andres Rizzo 7 months ago 5:52 Flight Analysis
CC-BGM B789 Jose Joaquin 8 months ago 5:00 Flight Analysis
CC-BGH B789 Jake Diplock 8 months ago 5:48 Flight Analysis
CC-BGF B789 DUMOULIN Jean-Luc 8 months ago 4:51 Flight Analysis
CC-BGC B789 Der Joggel 8 months ago 5:27
CC-BGA B789 Joe Webster 9 months ago 5:20
CC-BGU B789 👨‍✈️Robin🛫 9 months ago 4:51 Flight Analysis
CC-BGK B789 Francisco Andrade 9 months ago 5:17 Flight Analysis
CC-BGA B789 Jose Joaquin 9 months ago 4:57 Flight Analysis
CC-BGI B789 Ederval Rocha 1 year ago 4:23
CC-BGM B789 👨‍✈️Ruud ✈✈✈ 1 year ago 4:47 Flight Analysis