George Best Belfast City Airport


Type Large Airport
Country United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Elevation 15 ft

Recent Flights

Flight Number Pilot Departure Arrival Time Duration
BEE689 Lathuiliere EDI/EGPH BHD/EGAC 3 days ago 0:45 Flight Analysis
BEE154 Filippo BHD/EGAC ABZ/EGPD 4 days ago 0:45 Flight Analysis
BEE689 Pierre Viguier EDI/EGPH BHD/EGAC 4 days ago 0:51 Flight Analysis
BEE681 jourdain EDI/EGPH BHD/EGAC 4 days ago 0:47
BEE681 Marc MANANDISE EDI/EGPH BHD/EGAC 4 days ago 0:46 Flight Analysis
BEE4483 Filippo DSA/EGCN BHD/EGAC 4 days ago 0:42 Flight Analysis
BEE687 Marco Sousa EDI/EGPH BHD/EGAC 9 days ago 0:57
BEE4483 Cristopher W Cuebas DSA/EGCN BHD/EGAC 28 days ago 0:41
BEE408 francis BASTIEN BHX/EGBB BHD/EGAC 2 months ago 0:58
BEE154 Christian Duivenvoorden BHD/EGAC ABZ/EGPD 2 months ago 0:52
BEE4483 Christian Duivenvoorden DSA/EGCN BHD/EGAC 2 months ago 0:44
BEE735 Andy Clarke BHD/EGAC LBA/EGNM 3 months ago 0:43
BEE480 Andy Clarke MAN/EGCC BHD/EGAC 4 months ago 0:40
BEE129 Marco Sousa BHD/EGAC GLA/EGPF 4 months ago 0:32
BEE734 Marco Sousa LBA/EGNM BHD/EGAC 4 months ago 0:52
BEE154 bertrand tillier BHD/EGAC ABZ/EGPD 4 months ago 1:02
BEE154 LEROY BHD/EGAC ABZ/EGPD 5 months ago 0:56
BEE4483 LEROY DSA/EGCN BHD/EGAC 5 months ago 0:45
BEE154 Cristopher W Cuebas BHD/EGAC ABZ/EGPD 6 months ago 0:54
KLM948 Stefan Hoks BHD/EGAC AMS/EHAM 6 months ago 1:03
KLM947 Stefan Hoks AMS/EHAM BHD/EGAC 6 months ago 1:18
BEE406 Daniel Rio Tinto BHX/EGBB BHD/EGAC 8 months ago 1:01
BEE154 Sander Coumans BHD/EGAC ABZ/EGPD 10 months ago 1:02 Flight Analysis
BEE4483 Sander Coumans DSA/EGCN BHD/EGAC 10 months ago 0:44 Flight Analysis
BEE470 Roel van Schie MAN/EGCC BHD/EGAC 11 months ago 0:42 Flight Analysis
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Returnable aircraft at this airport

Tail Number Name Model Airline Hub