London Gatwick Airport Hub


Type Large Airport
Country United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Elevation 202 ft

This airport is a hub for

Recent Flights

Flight Number Pilot Departure Arrival Time Duration
VIR98 Cadhene Lubin-Hewitt UVF/TLPL LGW/EGKK 2 days ago 7:44
VIR97 Cadhene Lubin-Hewitt LGW/EGKK UVF/TLPL 2 days ago 8:44
VIR97 Brett Griffiths LGW/EGKK UVF/TLPL 3 days ago 8:50
AEA1014 Cadhene Lubin-Hewitt LGW/EGKK MAD/LEMD 5 days ago 1:07
VIR29 Cadhene Lubin-Hewitt LGW/EGKK BGI/TBPB 5 days ago 8:07
AEA1015 Ricardo Castro MAD/LEMD LGW/EGKK 22 days ago 1:40
VIR65 angus yiu LGW/EGKK MBJ/MKJS 23 days ago 9:30
VIR66 John Price MBJ/MKJS LGW/EGKK 1 month ago 8:21
VIR27 Pascal Flohil LGW/EGKK MCO/KMCO 1 month ago 8:29
VIR65 John Price LGW/EGKK MBJ/MKJS 1 month ago 8:45
VIR30 Danila Zaytsev BGI/TBPB LGW/EGKK 1 month ago 7:51
VIR29 Danila Zaytsev LGW/EGKK BGI/TBPB 1 month ago 8:37
VIR29 Thomas Amaranto LGW/EGKK BGI/TBPB 1 month ago 9:01 Flight Analysis
VIR16 Danila Zaytsev MCO/KMCO LGW/EGKK 1 month ago 7:41
VIR63 Aleksander Dzido LGW/EGKK HAV/MUHA 2 months ago 8:26
VIR34 MATT HAYES ANU/TAPA LGW/EGKK 2 months ago 7:21
VIR29 Giorgio La Pira LGW/EGKK BGI/TBPB 2 months ago 8:15
WJA2 michael wheeler LGW/EGKK YYC/CYYC 2 months ago 8:54
VIR30 Pete King BGI/TBPB LGW/EGKK 2 months ago 7:49 Flight Analysis
VIR30 Cedric Monfleur BGI/TBPB LGW/EGKK 2 months ago 8:01
VIR57 Pete King LGW/EGKK BGI/TBPB 2 months ago 8:17 Flight Analysis
VIR98 Pete King UVF/TLPL LGW/EGKK 2 months ago 8:09 Flight Analysis
VIR97 Pete King LGW/EGKK UVF/TLPL 2 months ago 9:11 Flight Analysis
VIR64 Pete King HAV/MUHA LGW/EGKK 2 months ago 8:37 Flight Analysis
VIR63 Pete King LGW/EGKK HAV/MUHA 2 months ago 9:50 Flight Analysis

Returnable aircraft at this airport

Tail Number Name Model Airline Hub
C-FRYV C-FRYV Boeing 737 Max 8 B38M WestJet (WJA/WS) YYC/CYYC