Manchester Airport Hub


Type Large Airport
Country United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Elevation 257 ft

This airport is a hub for

Recent Flights

Flight Number Pilot Departure Arrival Time Duration
VIR110 Mike Garner ATL/KATL MAN/EGCC 9 hours ago 6:58 Flight Analysis
VIR76 Alessio Capriglia MCO/KMCO MAN/EGCC 1 day ago 6:49
VIR128 DUMOULIN Jean-Luc JFK/KJFK MAN/EGCC 8 days ago 5:42 Flight Analysis
KLM1075 Brett Griffiths AMS/EHAM MAN/EGCC 9 days ago 0:50
KLM1070 Callum Lynn MAN/EGCC AMS/EHAM 9 days ago 0:50
KLM1079 Giambattista Tripi AMS/EHAM MAN/EGCC 10 days ago 1:02
KLM1075 Dani Zijlmans AMS/EHAM MAN/EGCC 13 days ago 1:01
KLM1074 Jakob Mees MAN/EGCC AMS/EHAM 16 days ago 0:53
VIR74 Zachary Kane MCO/KMCO MAN/EGCC 23 days ago 7:21
BEE7215 Marco Sousa MAN/EGCC DUS/EDDL 27 days ago 1:41
BEE813 Christian Duivenvoorden MAN/EGCC IOM/EGNS 28 days ago 0:32
BEE1034 Christian Duivenvoorden ABZ/EGPD MAN/EGCC 29 days ago 1:04
KLM1083 Tessier Alban AMS/EHAM MAN/EGCC 1 month ago 1:12
BEE1266 Marco Sousa LUX/ELLX MAN/EGCC 1 month ago 1:43
BEE1265 Marco Sousa MAN/EGCC LUX/ELLX 1 month ago 1:35
BEE3234 Marco Sousa LYS/LFLL MAN/EGCC 1 month ago 1:46
ETD15 Riad Mohamed AUH/OMAA MAN/EGCC 1 month ago 7:21
BEE454 Ritchie Johns JER/EGJJ MAN/EGCC 1 month ago 0:59
VIR75 Pete King MAN/EGCC MCO/KMCO 1 month ago 9:13 Flight Analysis
BEE1275 Ruud Verstappen MAN/EGCC AMS/EHAM 1 month ago 1:10
VIR78 Zachary Kane BGI/TBPB MAN/EGCC 1 month ago 7:56
KLM1080 David Solesvik MAN/EGCC AMS/EHAM 1 month ago 0:44
KLM1083 Dani Zijlmans AMS/EHAM MAN/EGCC 1 month ago 1:08
VIR127 Brett Griffiths MAN/EGCC JFK/KJFK 1 month ago 6:49
VIR76 Pascal Flohil MCO/KMCO MAN/EGCC 1 month ago 7:33