Abu Dhabi International Airport Hub

Type Large Airport
Country United Arab Emirates
Elevation 88 ft

This airport is a hub for

Recent Flights
Flight Number Pilot Departure Arrival Time Duration
ETD211 Adrian Danuleasa DEL/VIDP AUH/OMAA 20 hours ago 3:10 Flight Analysis
ETD641 Mazmur The AUH/OMAA NBO/HKJK 22 hours ago 4:47
ETD641 Jean-Marc DETHIOUX AUH/OMAA NBO/HKJK 22 hours ago 4:34 Flight Analysis
ETD211 Mazmur The DEL/VIDP AUH/OMAA 1 day ago 3:45
ETD622 Aleksi Goulet AUH/OMAA SEZ/FSIA 1 day ago 4:11
ETD404 Imran Rashid AUH/OMAA BKK/VTBS 1 day ago 5:51
ETD211 Jean-Marc DETHIOUX DEL/VIDP AUH/OMAA 1 day ago 3:02 Flight Analysis
ETD298 ranmengzhiyuan GYD/UBBB AUH/OMAA 2 days ago 2:22
ETD26 Charan Meduri LHR/EGLL AUH/OMAA 2 days ago 6:28
ETD131 Marcio Dala Corte Fernandes AUH/OMAA IAD/KIAD 2 days ago 13:55
ETD81 Luca Camilleri AUH/OMAA MXP/LIMC 2 days ago 5:50
ETD211 Stefanus Alvin DEL/VIDP AUH/OMAA 2 days ago 2:59 Flight Analysis
ETD297 ranmengzhiyuan AUH/OMAA GYD/UBBB 3 days ago 2:47
ETD54 Matteo Inzaina VIE/LOWW AUH/OMAA 3 days ago 4:53
ETD223 Gabe Castro DEL/VIDP AUH/OMAA 3 days ago 3:12
ETD19 puneet AUH/OMAA LHR/EGLL 3 days ago 7:14 Flight Analysis
MEA418 Clive Cox BEY/OLBA AUH/OMAA 4 days ago 2:46
ETD641 vidar gunnes AUH/OMAA NBO/HKJK 4 days ago 4:36
SVA570 ranmengzhiyuan JED/OEJN AUH/OMAA 4 days ago 2:26
ETD334 Jan Matul JED/OEJN AUH/OMAA 4 days ago 2:22 Flight Analysis
ETD223 Mathieu D. DEL/VIDP AUH/OMAA 5 days ago 3:00
ETD298 puneet GYD/UBBB AUH/OMAA 5 days ago 2:31 Flight Analysis
ETD867 Krishna Ananda Ekaputera PVG/ZSPD AUH/OMAA 6 days ago 10:08
ETD857 Luca Camilleri ICN/RKSI AUH/OMAA 6 days ago 9:29
ETD867 Richard Chaplin PVG/ZSPD AUH/OMAA 6 days ago 9:16 Flight Analysis