7 Oct 2017

October Update

Over the last few weeks we have made some notable changes to Skyteam Virtual. Flights made in FS2004 are now properly recorded and scored. The website has a new UI to make navigation easier. Badges you have earned can be managed using the settings page on your profile. And finally we have started publishing monthly tours. Tours can be flown in any order, however we recommend the order as described on each tour page, and legs will be scored separately. After completing all legs you will receive a badge. As always feel free to leave any comments and suggestions on the forum.


SkyTeam Virtual Staff

17 Sep 2017

Platform Updates

In the last few days, we have added various new features to our platform.

First of all, bookings will now expire. There were many aircraft being occupied by bookings which had been made more than a month ago. From now on, bookings will expire 24 hours after the booking has been made. The 24 hours will start again when you are flying, so it will only expire 24 hours after you have exited VAS-ACARS.

Second, you can now request an aircraft relocation. This will make it possible to fly routes where there are no aircraft available for your route. Visit the Book Flight page to request your first aircraft relocation.

If there are any features you would like to see, post them in the forum or contact Koen Vlaswinkel.

Hello, As the holiday period is over and we have returned home we would like to update you on the status of Skyteam Virtual. We have improved VAS-ACARS in a number of ways, a live chat has been added, and the minimum cruise altitude has been reworked to be a more reasonable 10 000ft. We will continue to work down our roadmap over the coming weeks and months and if you have any further suggestions please let us know.

Regards Skyteam Virtual Staff

12 Jul 2017



Quite a few new pilots have joined our ranks over the past few weeks and months. If you have any suggestions or constructive criticism regarding the virtual airline please leave a comment on our forum, preferablly on this page

Thank you in advance and happy flying, Pascal Flohil

We now have our own Discord server! You can join us by following this link:

Discord Logo

VAS-ACARS now supports XPUIPC and as such you are now able to perform and record flights made in x-plane.

As you can see, we have made a lot of improvements to the website in the last week. This is a short list of the new features:

  • Improved flight processor
  • Added Documents and Policies
  • Added multiple airlines
  • We now have over 9,000 routes to choose from!
  • All aircraft types are now subdivided into models which allow for different seat configurations for different airlines or even multiple models for the same airline
  • Added a forum
  • Added private messages

Our current road map can be found on the forum.

We are proud to say that the Air France - KLM virtual airline is an unprecedented succes, our number of pilots has tripled and we have maintained a high level of realism throughout the process.

Thank you for being part of this wonderful community.

As of today a new virtual airline has started. This airline aims to simulate the daily operations of the Dutch national carrier KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. With a main hub at Amsterdam airport Schiphol it serves many diverse destinations.

Welcome aboard, and please enjoy your flight.